Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deleting Flash "Cookies"

Cookies / Temporary files used by flash are generally located in the directories below:
  • Windows: LSO files are stored typically with a “.SOL” extension, within each user’s Application Data directory, under Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects.
  • Mac OS X: For Web sites, ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player. For AIR Applications, ~/Library/Preferences/[package name (ID) of your app].
  • GNU-Linux: ~/.macromedia

Adding Custom Alarm Tones to Windows Mobile

After a bit of reasearch I found this information on adding custom alarm sounds:

1. WAV file format

2. Created with filter PCM, any Hz and/or bit rate, mono or stereo (filter MPEG-layer 3 didn't work). I used VLC and did a 26 second clip at 64 kb/s to get under the file size limit

3. There seems te be no limit in length of time of the sound

4. Filesize limit of approximately 5 mb.

5. Must be put in the Windows folder

** If the file is not valid, when you select it in the drop down, windows will automatically put the tone back to default.