Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Awesome Cyclone Fanatic Post

Just wanted to share a very good post by LZclone over on cyclone fanatic

I too am looking forward to the FUTURE of Cyclone athletics, but I remember a time when Troy Davis became the only player to rush for 2,000 yards and not win the Heisman (TWICE), Dan McCarney brought us from death to 9 wins and a Bowl victory, when Fred Hoiberg continued Hilton Magic with the 'loudest' victory over Okie State, Danny Harris became the only person to defeat Edwin Moses in the 400 hurdles in over a decade, Cale Sanderson became the 1st individual wrestler to go undefeated through his college career, former walk-on Jeff Hornacek led us to the Sweet 16 and eventually the BEST Cyclone NBA player, or LE made Cyclone Basketball relevant winning consistently on the road, winning not 1 but 2 Big XII titles, and coaching the only Elite 8 appearance in school history.

The future is good, the future is bright, but celebrating the success of former Cyclones is also the way to BE A CYCLONE.

Couldn't have said it better