Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fixing Rhapsody

I recently had an issue where I was no longer able to download tracks from rhapsody (after reinstalling rhapsody as I couldn't get an upgrade to work at all). Luckily, rhapsody has a really good tech support "live chat" line which was able to help my solve the problem. So I'm going to document the steps I took here (as I had to do this to both of my computers...and one just did a normal update).

DISCLAIMER: I believe you will lose the DRM for any tracks you have downloaded (I'm not sure if this only applies to be warned...but it doesn't bother me as I only use rhapsody). I highly recommend burning the tracks first (if at all possible).

  • First, verify you are set to download tracks first (duh...I of course did this before contacting support, but they mentioned it so I thought I would too as it must happen). Go to Tools -> Preferences --> My Library
  • If you still can't download, do the following
    1. Close Rhapsody
    2. Click on windows button and click Run
    3. type %windir%\system32\ and click ok
    4. Find the mcs.rma file and delete it
  • If you are still unable to download files, follow the steps outlined here --> Link. I had to do the one where you renamed the DRM folder (then magically I could download files again).

HTC PPC-6800

So, I've had the "new" HTC PPC-6800 from US Cellular for a while now and thought I'd give some things as to what I do and don't like about it.

Let's start with the good points:
  • You can charge it with a computer via a standard usb cable. (Awesome for charging it at work without having to buy another power cord).
  • Synching the phone's data with a computer. This is awesome.
  • The sheer amount of programs (a lot free) available for windows mobile
  • Comes with all kinds of adapters (usb & headphone splitter and a 2-usb splitter)
  • Internet explorer mostly works (don't try to open really intense websites though as it will totally freeze your phone...same goes for really large word docs...or pasting from internet explorer into word).
  • Very easy to sync with an exchange server for email and calendar.
  • Decent camera (panaramic mode is really cool)
  • Bubble Breaker is very addicting
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • You can use the phone as a modem for your computer...very long as you don't mind the connection speed.
  • Runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Now the bad points:
  • Runs Windows Mobile. While not the greatest software, it still outweighs most of the competitors
  • The splitter for headphones uses the small headphone jack (not a "normal" sized jack)
  • Phone seems a bit sluggish at times
  • Not really usable without a stylus (as far as the touchscreen). This is where the below Spb Mobile Shell comes in to save the day though (see below).
  • The keypad takes some getting used to as there are not any "spaces" between the keys. It's really easy to hit the wrong keys with my fat fingers.
  • When going to use live messenger, it makes you add all of your "contacts" from your hotmail account to your phone's contacts. VERY ANNOYING. I don't really want all of those in my phone, so I had to setup a new email account just to avoid adding all kinds of unneeded contacts to my phone's phone book.
  • Price (I believe it's like $250).
  • Doesn't come with a JVM already installed (which you pretty much have to have to run half the programs out there).
  • Haven't heard of any plans by US Cellular to update to Windows Mobile 6.1. If they don't they may lose my business next time around though as this is pretty much a "free" update to Windows Mobile 6 users, but the way I understand it your service provider must still provide it to you (I think both Sprint and Verizon are updating their PPC-6800 based phones for their customers).
  • Data transfer rate is relatively slow (I only get around 80 kb/s).
  • Not enough program memory
Now the programs I recommend getting:
  • KeyPass PPC (and the desktop version. I sync my password databases between the two). What I did for this is put the key file on the phone itself and the actual password database on the storage card. This way if the storage card is ever lost or stolen, there is pretty much no way anyone can open your passwords file.
  • Spb Mobile Shell
  • Spb Pocket Plus
All in all, I am very pleased with the phone and like it much better than the old Razr that I used to have.