Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mr. Artest demands trade, then sorry?

I didn't want to do it, but I now feel that I have to. Just what lala land does Ron Artest or his agent think us fans are living in? I will admit that I was shocked to hear Artest's demand to be traded, not by the fact that it happened, but by the fact that it was done in a very public manner. I thought Artest had more class than that. But in today's professional sports world, it happens. We fans move on. However, apparently Artest and his agent think that us fans are stupid. While reading espn tonight, I came accross this quote from Artest's agent.

Stevens said though he understands the Pacers' desire to trade Artest, he's
disappointed that his client's apologies to teammates and management didn't
change the situation.
"What's more complicated is when you feel sorrowful for
the things you have said and there's no room for amends," Stevens said. "Now,
we're moving past that."

Like anyone's going to believe Artest now? I know I don't. So, here's my christmas wish, that NO general manager in the NBA will want Mr. Artest and that he'll never play again in the NBA. It's attitudes like his that have caused fans to leave the NBA.

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