Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What podcasts do I listen to?

I thought it would be nice to give a shout out to the podcasts that I listen to reguarly. I figured this would be a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, to give these podcasts the exposure they deserve. And second, because I find it hard to find good quality podcasts. I end up wasting time downloading shows just to listen to a really crappy podcast. So here goes.....(p.s. I'll put a (M) next to the podcasts which I consider mature in nature).

1. Mondays - a GREAT podcast. This one is my favorite. Comes out guessed it every monday. This is seriously the FUNNIEST podcast you will ever listen to....(M)

2. All-In Poker Podcast - fun podcast. One of the few poker podcasts that actually are worth listening to. (M) (side note: also take a look at the other podcasts on this site)

3. Michael and Evo's Slice of Scifi - just an overall fun podcast

4. Treks in SciFi - fun Star Trek podcast

5. Rounders the Poker Show - podcast of a radio show. Good interviews with professional poker players are this shows main strong point.

6. The two Harry Potter Podcasts (MuggleCast and PotterCast). I'm sorry, but I'm a Harry Potter geek.....(p.s. if anyone knows of a Narnia podcast, let me know).

7. The Java Posse - good overall discussion of java related topics

8. DotNetRocks - maybe the grand daddy of all computer programming related podcasts. They never cease to deliver quality informative content.

Well, that's it for the one's that I recommend. I also do listen to various video gaming podcasts, if you'd like to know which ones, let me know and maybe I'll post them at a later date.

Also, let me know which podcasts you're listening to, I'm always on the lookout for any good podcasts to add to my work week listening time.

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